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CInematic Compostion Samples

Wild Wyoming (SFX, Guitar, Strings)
Marigold Dresses (Piano, SFX, Strings, Horns, Synth)
Titans (EVE) (Strings, Organ, Horns, Percussion)
Sprites and Currents (Piano and Strings)
Trailer Soundtrack for Horsetooth International Film Festival
Movie Thingy (Horn intro, Drums and Bass, Synth Showdown)

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My aim in composition is to create emotive movement that meshes with and enhances whatever content that it’s paired with.


I approach production from a multi-instrumentalists perspective. A combination of any instrument with any genre can create any desired sonic atmosphere.


Playing live is all about providing an experience. After performing solo and with multiple groups (Hermit Commune, Cactus Cat, Mega Fawn, Spaceman), I’ve become familiar with the balance between being flexible with an audiences’ needs as well as knowing how to captivate their attention.

About Me

My name is Maxwell Tretter and I’m a multi-instrumentalist based out of Fort Collins, Colorado

I have been composing and producing music for over 10 years and am always finding new tools and methods to better my understanding of the music, composition, and production.

My pivot into writing and producing music as a career was followed shortly after working as a director in a local arts and music hub called The Downtown Artery. In my 2 years of working at the Artery, I was constantly experimenting with creative solutions towards the innumerable and seemingly unpredictable obstacles that exist for professionals within the creative industry. For many artists and musicians within the Fort Collins creative community, the Artery had existed as a launching pad that aided and perpetuated their careers to level where they could operate independently. From all that I had learned from those around me, it was a matter of time before I’d take similar steps towards my own career in the arts.

Aside from music, my time is spent with people who enjoy exploring similar hobbies, such as outdoor recreation, photography, and woodworking. Community is everything to me, and I seriously believe that meaningful relationships are the key to my own happiness.


Over the past 9 years, I have personally invested the time and money into developing a combination of formal and informal programming the supports the creative community of Fort Collins. My goals have been for creatives to develop deeper connections through their craft, have access to resources to better their craft, and bridge the gap between industry professionals and the hobbyists that both share a profound appreciation for the arts.

Click HERE for what the creative community of Fort Collins has collaborated on as well as opportunities of how to get involved in future events.